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Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon

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Packet Pick Up for All Events!

Friday, Sep 6, 11am – 7pm
Pick up race packet, bib number, and timing chip at the starting line tent located at 338 N. Ronks Rd, Bird-in-Hand, PA. Race packets must be picked up on Friday before the races.


Across from Bird-in-Hand Family Inn
2695 Old Philadelphia Pike
Parking is available on a nearby farming field. Some areas may be uneven or muddy during rainfall. Please allow plenty of time to park and check-in. Gear check is not available but access to parked vehicles is quick and easy.


Saturday, Sep 7, 10am – 12pm
Join us for this free celebration for runners and their families, volunteers, and members of the Bird-in-Hand community. Enjoy delicious BBQ chicken, grilled sausages, and all the fixings followed by cake and ice cream. It’s a fun time of camaraderie and community!

Tentative Schedule

Friday, September 6, 2024

Saturday, September 7, 2024

Half Marathon Horseshoe Finisher Medals

The Horseshoe Medal is designed to reflect our course and community – hardworking, unique, and a step back in time. Horses put a lot of miles on their shoes – just as runners do. This inspired an Amish firefighter to collect authentic horseshoes from local farriers to award our runners. The finished medals are hung from leather collected from local harness shops that serve the Plain Community. Every shoe has been worn by an actual horse within a few miles of Bird-in-Hand and each medal is unique in size and shape. Bringing home a BIH Half Marathon Horseshoe Medal truly means you’ll bring home a piece of our community.


Half Marathon and 5K runners will receive shirts available in unisex and women’s sizes. Kids Fun Run runners get a one-size youth t-shirt.Shirt guaranteed only if registered by mid-August.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where can I find registration coupons?

Registration coupons are not offered. All proceeds from the races and race events benefit Hand-in-Hand Fire Company, a fully non-paid volunteer organization. Thank you for supporting our community!

Is there a race rain date?

No. This is a rain or shine event. In case of severe weather, please check the website, Facebook, and your email for announcements.

Is there a time limit for the Half Marathon?

Yes, 4 hours. This is a comfortable walking pace for most folks.

Do I have to register at the same time for the 5k and Half Marathon to get the Fire Company Challenge premium item?

No. If you end up running both races, we will have tracked that for you.

Are walkers permitted in the Half Marathon?

Yes, provided they can complete the course within the 4-hour time limit.

I’m bringing my family. Is childcare provided, or someplace safe for my kids to wait while I’m running?

Childcare is not provided. You will need to make your own arrangements for supervision of your children.

Can I register on the day of the race?

For the 5k, we accept day-of-race registrations if there is still space available. We now do the same for the Half on the day BEFORE the race (Friday) until sold out. On-site registration is cash or check only.

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, but please be aware that both the 5k and Half Marathon courses have sections that are not paved. However, they are passable with a stroller. We do ask that everyone with a stroller start all the way at the back to aid in a smooth, safe start for everyone. We also ask that you be very careful when passing.

Where are the spectator viewing spots along the course?

There are no spectator viewing points along this course. We are running through an active farming community. Roads are narrow, with no shoulder, and there are no parking lots along the way. In addition, portions of the course are closed to vehicles and we try to keep the number of vehicles on the road to a minimum for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the scenery.

May I pick up my Half Marathon race packet on Saturday before the race?

Yes, this is now available for a $20 fee payable when registering online.

Are walkers permitted in the 5k?

Yes, but please see the note below about an evening race with no streetlights.

Can my family watch me at the finish line?

Yes! We have large areas along both sides of the finish chute where families can cheer for their runners.

Can someone else pick up my race packet for me?

Yes. And they don’t need anything special to do so.

May I have someone accompany me on the course on a bicycle as my coach / support person?

No. Only registered runners are permitted on the course. This is for safety reasons and due to portions of the course being closed to vehicular traffic, which includes bicycles. In addition, the roads we use are fairly narrow, with no shoulder. There is no room to have additional persons or vehicles on the course.

Do all 5k finishers get a medal?

No. Finisher medals are only for the Half Marathon.

Can I have my race packet mailed to me?

No, we do not mail the packets. They are not assembled until a day or two before the race, so there is no time to mail them. Plus there are concerns about lost or delayed packets and the possibility of the timing chips being damaged in transit.

Is there a time limit for the 5k?

No, but please keep in mind this is an evening race in an area without streetlights. Once darkness falls, it is very dark here, and even more so on a cloudy night.

May my family join me at the Picnic?

Absolutely! We would love to meet them. The Picnic is for runners, their families, race volunteers, and community residents who support us throughout the year.

Where is gear check?

We do not have gear check. Everyone is parked fairly close to the start / finish lines. You’ll be able to get to your vehicle faster and easier than to a gear check area.

What are the age group brackets for awards?

For the Half Marathon and the 5k,  we have the following Male and Female Categories:  12 & under, 13-18, 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

Where will the Pizza & Pasta Dinner take place?

In the large tent next to the start/finish line. It is the same tent used for packet pick up.

Are the Half Marathon & 5k events a fundraiser?

Yes. The Half Marathon, 5k, and Kids Fun Run are a major source of funds for the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company, a volunteer organization that provides the Bird-in-Hand community with excellent fire protection.

Is the course certified?

The Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon is a USATF-certified course. The certification code is PA23008NP. To view the course certificate and a detailed course map, please visit this page.

Q: What are your Half Marathon pacer groups?

Our pacer groups are: 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:40

More than 2,000 runners from around the world come to be a part of BIH Half. Discover a community known for its old-world practices and hard-working people. Explore hidden corners of Lancaster County not often seen by those outside the Plain Community. Absorb the unmatched beauty of the “Valley of No Wires.” Come to be challenged, inspired, and pushed to your limits. Come to join the community of Bird-in-Hand.

Hand-in-Hand Fire Company

Learn more about the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company and how you can stay involved all year long.

From The Runners

What do people say?

What a great experience! From the perfect organization to the scenic course, this is one to run! Furthermore, it’s wonderful to see a community really working together to serve a better good – the fact that all proceeds support a volunteer fire company is outstanding.
Runner from Kutztown, PA
I loved everything about this race!!! Where do I start??? I loved everything about this race!!! I’ve done several half marathons all over the Eastern United States and BIH is definitely one of the best! I thought the communication leading up to the race was great. Everything from packet pick-up to parking was handled smoothly and efficiently. Other highlights included a hot air balloon launch at the start, a beautiful course, an awesome, handmade horseshoe medal and a delicious community post-race picnic. If you’re looking for a unique running experience, I highly recommend this race!
Runner From Orlando, FL
You put smiles on my face. Thank you to the organizers (the long, detailed pre-race emails were on point). Thank you to the very many volunteers that made sure we were safe. Thank you to the pacers, you guys are truly inspiring. Thank you to the Amish children that were so excited about handing us water and cheering us on. You put smiles on my face.