Runner Details

2022 Runner Details

Our Race Director has been sending a series of emails to our registered participants with information covering the entire race weekend.  These emails have been full of details and tips – especially for those running with us for the first time!

TLDR:  We are excited to welcome over 3000 runners, plus friends and family, coming into our little town of Bird-in-Hand for our 2022 Race Weekend.  Please arrive EARLY to allow plenty of time to park, pick up your registration packet, get situated and meet some new friends!

  • Packet Pickup is FRIDAY ONLY, started at 11:00 am.
  • Parking is in a field, but still accessible to regular vehicles.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Arrive Early! Our races start promptly and we don’t want you to miss out.
  • If you earned a Road Apple Award, you can pick it up right after you finish the Half Marathon on Saturday.

SEPTEMBER 6: Race Director Update

This is the final instructional email for the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon and 5K. It’s a bit long but PLEASE take the time to read it. IT WILL HELP you prepare for your arrival into town and for the events themselves.

***PLEASE NOTE – from this point on, we’ll be out working on the last minute preparations, getting everything ready for you. As such, it may be very hard to reach us. Feel free to try, just please understand we might not be able to get back to you until after the races. We’ve tried to answer potential questions in this email.

Well this is it – last few days before the races! Have you been tapering? Hope so – have to let those muscles recover from all your training so you can peak on race day. (You have been training, right?)   OK, first a few more FAQs and then let’s do a walk through of the whole weekend. Hopefully it will help you visualize things a little, ease some nerves and anxiety, help you relax and enjoy the run. That is why you’re coming after all – to enjoy the run!

FAQs (and the answers!)…..
“Why can’t I find information about ______?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions, albeit with different subjects filling in the blank. For example, “Why can’t I find information about gear check?” Or “Why can’t I find information about childcare during the half marathon?” Or “Why can’t I find information about spectator viewing spots on the course?”  Simple answer to all of these, and all similar inquiries – if you can’t find the info, it probably doesn’t exist. We’re not hiding anything from you, honest.
– There is no information on the race website or any race materials about gear check because there isn’t gear check at this event. No need, you’re parked right near the finish line area.
– There isn’t information about childcare because none is provided, need to make your own arrangements for that.
– There isn’t info about on-course viewing spots for spectators because there aren’t any. In fact, we do all we can to keep folks off the course during the race. The course is on narrow country roads, through a working farming community, some on private property. No shoulder or on street parking. No shopping centers or parking lots on the course. So no place for folks to gather. Just have your peeps wait for you at the finish.

A couple other quick FAQs –
“Can I bring my pet?” (on the race course) No, sorry. No pets, please. There are no pets permitted on either on the courses, (except for service animals). We’re sure your dog is the most friendly animal on the planet, and we love dogs too. But for safety reasons, we can not allow your dog to run in the races with you. (Same for your pet cat, turtle, hamster, or hippo.) In addition to safety, some folks are just born afraid of dogs, even the nice ones. It simply isn’t fair
to those folks to have dogs running on the course. If you have a very small pet rock and you want to run with that in your pocket, we will allow it. Remember ‘Pet Rock Pam’ from last year? Even made a teeny tiny little bib number for her pet rock. It’s a little goofy, but we will allow it. Pets are allowed on the grounds.
“Can my _(brother, sister, neighbor, co-worker, friend, cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s nephew twice removed, etc.)_ run with me to help me keep pace even though they are not registered for the race?” Answer – no, sorry, only registered runners are permitted on the course. And we have pacers for you!
Or, “Can my _(brother, sister, neighbor, co-worker, friend, cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s nephew twice removed, etc.)_ ride their bicycle on the course with me to help me?” Again, sorry, but no. These are narrow country roads, no shoulder, and we’re trying to keep it as clear for all of the runners as possible. No bicycles are permitted on the course.
Or even this one – “Can my _(brother, sister, neighbor, co-worker, friend, cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s nephew twice removed, etc.)_ drive their car on the course with me to help me?” What? Seriously someone has asked that? Yes, people have asked this and no, you can not have a private pace car out there with you.

Arrival – We’ve been saying it and we’ll keep on saying it – COME AS EARLY AS YOU CAN. Give yourself extra time. Please. And bring along some extra patience. Between the half marathon, the 5k, and the kid’s fun run, plus spectators, friends, and family, there are well over 3,000 folks all coming into a very tiny town, all at the exact same time – yikes! And that’s not counting the local community folks who come over to cheer you on. The fire police do a GREAT job with traffic control, but there is only so much road with which to work. A concern is always that traffic delays will form and runners could miss the start of the race. When you get there, you will be directed into parking areas. Please do not just pull off and park on the side of the road or in someone’s driveway or anything like that. The fire police will show you where to go. Similarly, on the way out, we’ll have folks directing you which way to exit so that you’re not driving right onto the race course.

The parking areas are in farmer’s fields, on grass. Think about that for a second. You will need to drive a little more slowly entering the fields, and the surface can be a little uneven. You do not have to have a 4×4, but at the same time, you may want to leave that sweet low-rider at home.

Packet Pick Up – At the expo, on Friday, Sept 9th, from 11 AM – 7 PM Yes, Packet Pick Up is FRIDAY. This is noted on the schedule of events on the website and multiple times on the registration page, has been this way for 10 years now, and still seems to catch some folks by surprise. Packet Pick Up and the Expo take place under the great big tent in the field, just off Old Philadelphia Pike / Rte 340 near the intersection with N Ronks Rd, directly across the street from the Bird-In-Hand Family Inn. You won’t be able to miss the expo tent – it’s clearly visible from the road.
The expo starts, and packet pick up begins, at 11:00 AM. That is a GREAT time to come. Almost never have lines at that time. Really, all day up until about 4:30 is good. May be a little increase around the lunch hour, but nothing too bad.
The expo goes until 7 PM officially, but we’re usually there well past 7:00. The pasta dinner will be going on, the bon fire and s’mores will be happening, and the 5k will be finishing up. So if you’re shooting for 7:00 and you’re a bit behind schedule, don’t panic (and don’t speed either). Come on over as soon as you can and we’ll most likely be there waiting for you.
Now the most congested time to come for packet pick up is between 5:00 and 6:30. If you can avoid arriving during that time period, best to do so. If you can’t avoid it and that’s when you have to come, bring along a lot of extra patience. That tends to be when everyone is getting out of work, the majority of the 5k runners are arriving, the pasta dinner is in full swing, etc. There are a ton of things going on all day, so if you can, arrive early and hang out with us. And why wouldn’t you? If you miss Friday, you’re missing A LOT of the weekend’s action!
Speaking of packet pick up, here’s the answer to the most common FAQ – yes, someone else can pick up your packet for you. We understand, we get it, not everyone can make it there Friday. But maybe your running buddy can, or your long lost uncle, or someone else like that. They do not need to bring your confirmation or your ID or anything like that. They just need to know your last name.
We’ll also have a “Resolution Desk” to help resolve any issues that may come up. So if something looks odd about your bib, just head over there. It will be under the tent at the end of the bib pick up area.

In your race packet will be your bib number with timing chip attached and safety pins. There will also be a book available with a course map for the 5k, and a course map for the half marathon. There will also be a schedule of events and the web addresses for finding the results and your pictures after the race. Results will be printed and posted on site every few minutes during the races. And then they will be available online live (assuming the cellular network doesn’t get difficult on us) on where you registered for the race. Shortly thereafter, they will also show up on The photos take a bit longer, a few days, but will be also pushed to and linked to your individual results (crazy technology can identify your bib from the image and match it to you).

For those doing the 5k AND the half marathon – the Fire Company Challenge runners – remember to double check that you’re wearing the correct bib in the correct race. Your 5k chip will NOT work in the half, and your half chip will NOT work in the 5k.
Timing chips – for the 5k and for the half marathon – are on the back of your bib number. Do not remove it, bend it, twist it, or ball it up and leave it in your car. You need to wear it on your front outermost layer – not your side or your back. We need to be able to see the number as you approach the finish. This is part of the second and third level backup timing systems, just in case something goofy happens with the computer timing system. But those backup systems only work if we can see your bib number, on your front, before you reach the finish line.

Course info, part 1 – Kid’s Fun Run:
***Read this even if you don’t have kids!
The kid’s fun run will happen just before the 5k on Friday evening. The little ones will be running from the starting line to the finish line. Sounds obvious, right? Doesn’t every race go from start line to finish line? Allow us to explain…. In the past, the kids ran a little out-n-back from the 5k starting line, and back to the 5k starting line. But they were missing out on the experience of running down the big homestretch in the field. So we changed it up and they are going to start at the 5k starting line, on North Ronks Rd, and have them run up the homestretch to the 5k finish line in the farmer’s field. That’s about 650 feet in total. Very short, untimed, non-competitive. Here is why this matters to you, even if you don’t have a little one in the kid’s fun run – we’ll need your cooperation in the area of crowd control. We need everyone queuing up for the 5k to keep that little section of North Ronks Rd clear for the kids, at least until they pass by. And we’ll need to keep the homestretch and finish line area clear for them as well. And then, we’ll need all of you 5kers to hustle to the starting line so we can begin right on time. The Kid’s Fun Run will have 2 heats, the bigger kids at 6:10 PM, and the smaller ones at 6:15 PM.

Course info, part 2 – 5k:
The starting line is on North Ronks Rd, just up from the traffic light at Route 340. When you are queuing up for the race, you’ll see signs for different paces. Just try to line up near the sign that is most close to your estimated time. This helps ensure a smooth and safe start for everyone.
You’ll head out, (moving away from Rte 340), and turn left. The course then makes a big loop. The first 1.5 miles or so are paved, 2 lanes wide. Then you’ll go down a paved driveway and begin a section on a farm lane. “Farm lane” means a path between fields where the farmer’s drive the tractors and other equipment. It is not paved in this section. Some of it is grass. Some dirt. But all of it beautiful! You’ll actually be running THROUGH a real working Amish farm! You’ll exit the farm lane back onto paved road, which takes you back to the start. BUT DON’T STOP THERE!!!! The finish line is further up. You’ll make a right turn in the homestretch, in a farmer’s field, and finish under the big banner.
The course will be marked white arrows on the road surface. Every turn will be marked with multiple large white arrows. And every mile will be marked as well. Plus there will be a water station roughly halfway through.

Course info, part 3 – Half Marathon:
Arrival time on Saturday – keep in mind some roads will be closed for the race, which will impact traffic on other roads! Best option to avoid stressing out in your car in a line of traffic – try to be on-site by 6:00 AM at the latest.
Actually, very similar info to the 5k, you just have to run a lot longer! So go back and read the section above this one if you skipped it.
Same starting line on North Ronks Rd, just up from the traffic light at Route 340. You’ll head out, (moving away from Rte 340), and turn right for the half marathon. There will be pace groups, for every 10 minutes, from 1:40 to 2:40. Nothing you need to sign up for. Just look for the guys holding up pace signs and join in the group that suits you.
Same deal with the timing chip on the back of you bib – keep it intact, pinned to your front outer-most layer, number visible especially at the finish, make sure it is the half marathon bib and not the 5k bib, etc.
Same course markings – white arrows on the road surface, every mile marked.
Same finish line in the farmer’s field.
The first 6 miles or so will be closed to traffic. After that, the roads will be open to cars but under the control of the fire police. You’ll need to keep your head up and eyes open for safety. You’ll want to anyway so you don’t miss any of the scenery!!!
Now even in the closed section of the course, it is not impossible that you might encounter a random vehicle. We are running through a working agricultural community. The local residents do need to carry on with their day, and might need to get out of their driveway. But we’re doing our best to keep that to a minimum, and hopefully no cars at all for that first stretch.
There is a section of the course, past the mile 10 marker / approaching mile 11 mark, that is not paved. You’ll spend about half a mile on Red Lane. This is a dirt and rock narrow road. Take a little extra care on that section. Be safe. The age group awards are great, but nothing worth risking injury over.
The last mile and half or so will follow the same route as the second part of the 5k course. You’ll turn left when you reach the bakery on Gibbons Rd, heading up a driveway. Then you’ll begin a section on a farm lane, (same farm lane as mentioned above for the 5k course). “Farm lane” means a path between fields where the farmer’s drive the tractors and other equipment. It is not paved in this section. Some of it is grass. Some dirt. But all of it beautiful! You’ll actually be running THROUGH a real working Amish farm! You’ll exit the farm lane back onto paved road, which takes you back to the start. BUT DON’T STOP THERE!!!! The finish line is further up. You’ll make a right turn in the homestretch, in a farmer’s field, and finish under the big banner.
There are a couple of other things worth mentioning, aside from the amazing scenery, Amish children waiting for you at the water stations (every two miles on the course), rest stops at one room school houses, etc…
One would be the corn fields. The corn in spots may be quite high, and comes very close to the edge of the road. When you approach an intersection with high corn, it can block your line of vision and can muffle the sounds. Be extra cautious in those spots. If there were an approaching car, they won’t see you, and you won’t see or hear them.
The second item of note is the road apples. Some of you are running with us just so you can take some of the road apples home with you! Absolutely one of the most unique awards in all of sports! For those who are not sure what these are, they are most certainly not the type of apple you want to eat. Road Apples are what comes out of the southern end of a north bound horse. They will be on the roads, (again – you are running through a working farming community) and probably best if you try not to step in them. For those who are going for that road apple award, we’ll have the awards waiting not far from the finish line. We have a list of the GSV finishers, cross referenced with the BIH registrations, so we know who is eligible. Good luck!

There is still time to sign up for the pasta dinner. Tickets will also be sold at the door, cash or check only. And, of course, the post race picnic on Saturday. It’s FREE! Under the big tent. All are welcomed – runners, guests, everyone!

And one last note as we close – a sincere THANK YOU.
These events are truly a fund raiser for the Hand-In-Hand Volunteer Fire Company. 100% of your registration money went right to them. These folks literally risk their lives to help others, many times for people they don’t even know. Your support, through these races, helps fund training and equipment so they can take care of their community and beyond. It is most definitely appreciated.

That will do it.    See you on the roads!

SEPTEMBER 2: Race Director Update

Today’s topics include: arrival and start times, road closures, a course FAQ, packet pick up format, info on pacers, and course markings. Whew, that’s a lot, let’s get moving!

Arrival and Start Times – We’re just gonna keep on stressing this point – arrive early! The earlier the better! We do not want anyone to miss the start of the race.
The 5k on Friday starts at 6:30 PM. Not 6:35 or 6:32, or even 6:30 and 30 seconds. Runners should be queued up by 6:20 PM.
The Kid’s Fun Run starts at 6:10 PM so factor that into your planning.
The half marathon starts Saturday at 7:30 AM. Not 7:35 or 7:32, or even 7:30 and 30 seconds. Runners should be queued up by 7:15 AM at the very latest.

We do start exactly on time. We know a lot of races say that, but we mean it. Unless there is some extreme emergency on the course which makes it unsafe, we will start right on time. We do not want you stuck in traffic and missing the start of your race. Give yourself plenty of time for traffic, and then plenty of time to get into the parking areas, and then plenty of time to walk to the starting line. (Plus most of us need a potty stop, or two.)

On Friday, the expo / packet pick up opens at 11 AM. That’s a GREAT time to come. If you’re coming later and running in the 5k, we’d recommend being on-site before 5 PM if possible. On Saturday, many runners are on-site before 5:45 AM. Leaves time for stretching, warm up, taking in the sites, watching the sunrise, and some pics. No stress about getting delayed and missing the race.

Road Closures –
Obviously, we want you to be safe. That is priority #1. So we are closing some of the roads on the course. (Closing as much as we can.) The entire 5k course is closed to traffic. And the first 6 miles or so of the half marathon course are closed to traffic. After that, though, the half marathon course is open to traffic but with a lot of police and fire police out there to try to keep things under control.

A few things to keep in mind:
– This is a working farming community. The folks that live along the course may need to get out of their driveway to carry on with life. While they know about the race and try not to be on the roads during it, sometimes it can’t be avoided. So even in the areas where the roads are closed, it is not impossible that a stray car might wander by.
– Because of the closures, traffic on the other adjoining roads tends to be heavier than normal. Please keep that in mind when coming into town, when leaving town, and pass along to any spectators who are planning to drop by later in the morning to see you finish. Allow extra travel time.
– The closures are another reason why spectators should not go out on the course to watch you run. As we mentioned before, there really aren’t any places for them to gather, and if they tried just driving around, they likely would get held up in traffic, would not make it back to the finish before you and would miss you crossing the line. Have your peeps wait at the finish please.

A Course FAQ –
Is the course hilly? We get that one a lot. The answer is “depends on what you’re used to.” Sorry if that sounds evasive, but that’s what we’ve found over the years. Runners from areas like Vermont or Colorado, places with lots of really big hills, think this course is F-L-A-T. At the same time, runners from Kansas and the Jersey shore, where a speed bump is considered a major incline, think BIH has some of the biggest mountains they’ve ever seen! We call it “gently rolling hills.” The start and finish are in the same area so the you’ll go up just as much as you come down. There is only one uphill that is a little steep, and it’s pretty short. You’ll find it just a little passed mile marker 7. Otherwise, the hills are fairly gradual. And you’ll be too distracted by the scenery to notice.

Packet Pick Up Format – We’ll go over this again in another email, (“Final Instructions”, early next week), but we’ve had a few folks ask so here goes – packet pick up will be arranged by last name. As long as you know your last name, you should be good to go.

Pacers – Official Pacers will be back once again this year – YES!  WooHoo! We will once again have some very accomplished local runners leading pace groups. In past years these guys brought their groups in right on time, and we mean TO THE SECOND! It was amazing. Plus, as an added bonus, being local fellas, they are like having a tour guide on the race route with you, more than happy to tell you about the area and answer questions. (Yes, they can do that and run at the same time. Told you they were good.) We will have groups for goal finishing times of 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, and 2:40. That covers paces from about 7:30/mile to 12:12/mile. There is nothing special you need to do to join one of these groups. You do not need to sign up in advance or anything like that. They will be holding up signs at the starting line. Just look for the time you’re shooting for and hang with that group.

Course Markings – We’ll certainly go over this again at the starting line, but we’ve gotten a fair number of people asking, so here goes….
– The course will be marked with pretty large white arrows on the road surface. Every turn will be marked with multiple arrows. If you come to an intersection and there are no arrows, don’t turn, go straight. Only turn at the white arrows.
– Every mile will be marked with white markings on the road surface and with a small orange A-frame sign on the edge of the road.
– *Please Note – Sorry, but you can’t preview the entire course. The course markings are put down the morning of the race, not before then. So if you went today, or tomorrow, or early next week, etc. to drive the course or do a practice run, there will be no markings. Please keep in mind, too, that some of the course is on private property – you can’t drive or run on those areas until the actual race. Please respect the private property of our neighbors.
– The race will be led by a horse and buggy. (Actually several – they switch off every few miles so the horses don’t get too worn out.) There will also be a scooter leading the way and then circling back around throughout the morning. (The scooter driver’s name is Tom, but feel free to just call him “Scooter Boy.”) So you really fast people just need to follow the lead buggy and scooter. The rest of us just need to follow the really fast people.
– Be careful around the corn fields please. The corn is usually quite high around race time, and the fields come right up to the edge of the road. It can really limit your visibility approaching an intersection, as well as muffling sound. So there could be a vehicle approaching on the cross street – they can’t see you, you can’t see or hear them. No need to panic, just wanted you to be aware. As we’ve said, there will be a lot of help out there keeping vehicles to a minimum, and lots of signs alerting them that they are approaching the race course.

AUGUST 27: Race Director Update

Good Morning Bird-in-Hand Runners & Walkers.

2 more FAQ’s –
“Can someone else pick up my packet for me?” Answer – YES! Absolutely. Just don’t blame us if they take all the goodies out of your goodie bag! You can pick up for another runner (or 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever number). You do not need a note or copy of their ID. Packet pick up will be organized by last name and if someone is doing both the 5K and 1/2 marathon those bibs will be together.
“When will I get my pasta tickets?” Answer – at the door. And it’s really more of a list instead of individual tickets. We’ve found that actual tickets can get lost or forgotten. It’s easier to just keep a list of everyone who registered for the pasta dinner. We’ll just check off your name as you go in to eat.

Rehab Tent – for PARTICPANTS ONLY please. We need your help with this one, please. After you cross the finish line, you’ll go through a small food tent, and then not far beyond that is a rehab tent. It’s there for folks who need to take a moment to sit down and cool off before meeting up with their friends and family. EMS is right there and some really big fans will be running to move some air for you.  We’re asking for your help in two regards:
1) This tent is intended for participants only. That’s you, the runners and walkers in the half marathon. Please ask your friends and family who are coming to cheer you on to not sit down in that area. Yes, we know it looks really inviting, but we need to keep it clear for you guys. Your friends and family can get out of the sun under the big tent, where the expo is.
2) If you are taking advantage of the rehab tent, please keep in mind all the runners and walkers who are still on the course. Please share. Come in, sit down, cool off for a few minutes, that’s great, that’s what the rehab tent is for. But please don’t set up base camp and settle in for a long nap. If we see that, we may think you need medical attention and ship you off to the EMS tent.

Parking – it’s in a field. We mention this for a few reasons, but mainly so you’re not surprised when you get there and are directed off road into a farmer’s field. No, you won’t need a lifted 4×4 with ginormous all-terrain tires. Your regular car and regular tires will do just fine. The field is groomed specifically for you to park that weekend. By the same token, it is not paved, might be slightly uneven, so you may want to leave that sweet low-rider at home. We also mention it because it can take a little longer to pull in compared to a shopping center parking lot with asphalt and multiple wide entrances. Give yourself extra time. Arrive early! (Sound familiar? If not, go back and re-read the previous informational emails!) Besides, the early arrivals park closest. The later you come, the further you have to walk. When you enter the parking area (field), there will be ropes forming lanes and sections. When you park, you might be directed to go right up to one of those ropes and it might appear as though you’re being blocked in. Fear not friends! We wouldn’t do that to you. After everyone is in, the ropes are moved and the parking area / lanes are reconfigured to form the exits.

OK, that’s all for today. Just 2 weeks to go – woohoo!!!    See you on the road soon!

AUGUST 20: Race Director Update

How’s your training going? Race weekend is just 3 weeks away, should be in the heart of your training. Make sure you leave time for a taper period, get those legs a little active recovery so you’ll be at your peak on race day!

For those who recently signed up, a special welcome aboard! We will be sending informational and instructional emails out every so often between now and race day.

Just a few quick points to cover today:

Getting into town
Where does the money go?

Let’s talk a bit about getting into town. It looks like we’re going to have quite a large group this year and a big percentage of first timers – which is awesome! For those who have never visited Bird-In-Hand, it is a tiny little town in the heart of an Amish farming community. All the roads in and out of town are two lanes – as in one lane each direction. They tend to be narrow and most have no shoulder. Being a farming community, the roads are not laid out in a grid, like they are in a city. So simply jumping over to the next block, looking for a parallel street, isn’t really going to work out too well for you. (You might end up in another town!) With a whole lot of cars coming in all at once, traffic can get a little backed up. Give yourself plenty of extra time. You’re gonna hear that from us over and over and over again. The last thing we want is for anyone to miss the start of a race because they got stuck in traffic. The races do start exactly on time. And we do mean exactly. With the road closures for the courses and the coordination between multiple townships that’s required, we have to start right on time. We want you to be there, relaxed and ready to enjoy your run. So please come early.

And lastly for today, we get asked a lot – where does all the money go? We are very happy to tell you that these events are a true fund raiser, 100% of your registration money goes to the Bird-In-Hand Volunteer Fire Company, a 501(c)3 organization. They use it for equipment to keep their community, and surrounding communities, safe. (Have you ever priced a fire truck? They are not cheap.) The fire company is actually named the “Hand-In-Hand Volunteer
Fire Company.” A very fitting title. And the folks there are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for your support. (Which is why they work so hard to try to give you an outstanding running experience.)

That will do it for today. Beginning next week you’ll start receiving emails with more of the nuts-and-bolts instructions, all the nitty-gritty details, so you’re as ready as you can be!

See you on the roads!

AUGUST 11: Race Director Update

Hello 2022 Bird-In-Hand Registrants!

You will receive informational emails like this one every so often until race weekend, more frequently as we get closer to the event. Please do read them – they will help you prepare and make your race experience more enjoyable, less stressful, etc.   Each time we will focus on a couple aspects of the race and tell you what you need to know.

Today we’re going to look at:
~ how to get a really awesome BIH insulated bottle for FREE,
~ Road Apple Awards,
~ the pasta dinner,
~ and the FREE bonfire with s’mores!

So what was that about a FREE awesome bottle?

Glad you asked – Easy to get one, just sign up for the Fire Company Challenge. There is a nasty rumor floating around that the Fire Company Challenge is only for fire fighters or fire company members. Not so! It’s for everyone. That is the name we use for completing the 5k on Friday evening AND the half marathon on Saturday morning. Everyone who registers for that challenge will get a BIH bottle! Now we are NOT talking about your run-of-the-mill refillable plastic bottle with a sports cap. No. You probably have a gazillion of those already. We are talking about a much higher end item, insulated, sturdy, awesome. If you’d like to add-on the 5k to your half marathon registration, just click on the sign up link on this email and add the Friday evening event as well. Don’t wait too long – the 5k is filling quickly.

And the Kid’s Fun Run? Always one of the highlights of the weekend, watching the little ones run down the homestretch and across the finish line in front of a huge crowd of cheering fans. The smiles on their faces and excitement in their eyes is just awesome. Reminds us all why we do this. The kids fun run is very short – only about 700 feet. It is non-competitive and untimed. So, if 700 feet seems a bit too long, they can stop any time and hop on your shoulders to the finish. All kids preregistered by August 13th get a t-shirt and goodie bag, and all kids get a medal at the finish. Pretty good deal for just $10, so sign them up today. (After Aug 13th, the goodie bags are not guaranteed, “while supplies last”)

Road Apple Awards! Yes, those ‘road apples.’ Yes, they’re real. Sterilized, sanitized, and petrified, then mounted on a plaque to make the most unique award in all of sports! To get one, you have to complete the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon in the spring and BIH in the fall of the same calendar year. So if you missed GSV 2022, you can skip ahead to the next paragraph. For those of you who finished the Garden Spot Half back in the spring, congrats! We’ve had a few folks asking questions about how you get your award, was there anything you needed to do, etc. Nope. Nothing you needed to do. We have the finishers list from GSV and are cross-referencing it with BIH registrations to determine who is eligible. Then in Sept., we’ll have the list and the awards waiting not too far from the finish line. You’ll just check in there after finishing BIH.

Pasta Dinner Friday Night – If you’ve been to this area before, you KNOW our community can cook! Wow, can they cook! Join us for the pasta dinner on Friday evening, under the big tent, right by the finish line. Just $14 for adults, $4 for kids 3-12 years old. (Age 2 and under are free.) You can buy tickets at the door BUT it is really, really, really helpful to have as many as possible register in advance. We want to make sure we have plenty of food prepped and plenty of seats available, so think about signing up sooner, rather than later. Thanks.

And then there is the bon fire with FREE s’mores! Hang out with us Friday evening for a bon fire with s’mores – free and open to everyone.

OK, that’s enough for today. Now call up your running buddies and see if they registered yet!

See you on the roads soon!